A Presence of Angels

Judyth Hill

ISBN 0-9644196-1-0
72 page
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A Presence of Angels

Collected poems filled with the craft and passion of writing
and the luminous presence of muses and angels,
from Cezanne and Duchamp, to the dark angels of mothers and lovers.

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An Excerpt from the book:

Coin of the Realm
by Judyth Hill
from Presence of Angels

How valuable to tremble,
in your presence,
a shudder of vowels,
praising the white shoulders of sleep.
Light swallows sleep and roosters.
I listen for your mysterious breath,
tunneling lonely toward morning,
dreaming of columbines,
guitarrons, and citronella.
In night's tender moss,
the smell of roses is an arrow on fire.
We take aim and find first light like cool milk.
Drink to a day of stringed instruments.
We take the open road. Count off twenty centuries.
I am afraid of nothing, but with my body of skin and music

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