On Bethel Ridge, 

A Christmas Fable
 by Phil Austin


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A contemporary New England family with deep Russian roots is the center of this modern tale that examines family connections and distances and the healing power of old stories so needed in contemporary American life.  On Bethel Ridge is a welcome addition to the holiday season and whenever we need the magic of Christmas in our lives.

This story, unexpected as magic and love, found me one Christmas Eve in the Vermont home of my wife's parents. It just wafted into the kitchen and sat itself down, over borscht and instant coffee, and began to talk.

-from the Author¹s Note

- "On Bethal Ridge" has the essential magic of Christmas and the feel of a classic-Spirit of Change

- A new Christmas fable with a universal spirituality that has won acclaimŠ hope and renewal that¹s possible when families reunite for the holidays. -Santa Cruz Valley Sun

 - Phil Austin has woven a fable that teaches us to believe in the strength of the family. A great story that may change the view of those who believe that there is no time for family reunions because we are too busy to share with our loved ones. This book is a wonderful gift for those who believe that family values can continue to provide us with courage, faith, and life. Phil Austin insists that tradition is the source of healing, knowledge and identity. -Victor Montejo, author of The Bird Who Cleans the World and Other Mayan Fables

A sharply etched tale reaching across cultures with a universal spirituality. I enjoyed it very much.-Manitonquat/ Medicine Story, tribal story-teller and elder of the Wampanoag tribe, author of Return to Creation and Children of the Morning Light

Bound with ribbon bookmark and charm
$15.00, Hardcover, 144 pages, 5½ x 7½ ISBN 1-890932-03-5 

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