Living Clay
by Pricilla Hoback

ISBN 1-890932-14-0 
108 pages
8 x 11



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Priscilla Hoback’s journey into her creative process, her techniques, and her life as she follows the voice of the clay are detailed in this stunning book about a major southwestern artist. Lavish color photographs throughout.

In LIVING CLAY Priscilla Hoback details her journey deep into the creative process revealing her techniques and a unique artistic life as she follows the voice of the clay. Digging local clays, developing a vocabulary of glazes, and building high-fire kilns is work that is grounded in the earth itself. She has created an original art form she calls Murals that have their roots in prehistoric cave art, indigenous clays, and her own powerful response to the breathtaking canyons, open sky, and ancient beauty of the land in New Mexico.

The greatest power an artist can have is the ability to create honestly—exploring thoroughly and continuously her own thoughts and experiences. From a handful of clay on carefully acquired grounds, to meticulously painted, fired, and mounted murals, Priscilla Hoback's artwork is utterly personal, and yet utterly universal. It is as though she has humbly and lovingly molded, stroked, and painted nature itself. Her work reminds me that we all live in the "Land of Enchantment"-- George Rodrique

"It has been rumored that Priscilla can hear the clay think. Perhaps it is true; I don’t know. But I believe it much more now than I did before I read her book. All the while I thought her greatest talent was at the potters wheel or with the clay in her hands. I was wrong; it is with the pen that she excels and I am deeply moved by her words."

— Forrest Fenn, biographer of Joseph Henry Sharp

It's about time this work came out—it’s terrific! Priscilla has written from the heart and soul of New Mexico.

—Natalie Goldberg, author of
Writing Down the Bones

Lots of spirit alive here—spirit in the land, the work, and the words. Priscilla demonstrates that no one stands between us and our source.

—Lynn V. Andrews, author of Medicine Woman

Priscilla tells a tale much like the ancient and pure tales of the creation of the first being from clay; how it was drawn into being by a lng, dug up, slammed around, kneaded, molded, given feature,fired and given to speak. The first being Priscilla herself, but bless her, the process speaks for the rest of us.

—Bernard Pomerance,author and screenwriter

"LIVING CLAY is a testament to the beauty of what hands are capable of."

-The Bloomsbury Review

"Magnificent animal of the region's more distinguished artists"

--Santa Fe Reporter

"Hoback details ...her spiritual and aesthetic this beautifully illustrated book."

-Woman's Art Journal


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