Jewish Artists on the Edge
by Ori Z. Soltes

Jay Barry Zeiger, Project Director
$ 24.95



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from the foreword:

"Jewish Artists on the Edge has two primary goals. One is to
explore works of art by artists who are on the edge in any number of ways. They may be particularly original in conception, pushing the boundaries of the medium in which the artist works. The subject matter may be on the edge in engaging issues of identity, of the boundary between the artist¹s self and his/her Jewishness, nationality or gender. It may be an edge of comfort or discomfort.

The second purpose which is informed by the first is to challenge
the tendency in the art world, when the adjective Jewish¹ is attached to the nouns 'art' and 'artist', to pre-assume parameters that are narrow and of secondary quality - certainly not on any edge - for the art or the artist in question."

With essays by Ori Soltes, Jay Barry Zeiger, and Donalt Kuspit, including discussions and color plates of the works of each of the fifty nationally known artists in the book.  Jewish Artists on the Edge is a first time in-depth exploration into the world of Jewish contem- porary art. Artists Included:

  • Jay Barry Zeiger - Donald Woodman - Allan Wexler - Joyce Ellen Weinstein - George M. Wardlaw - Georg Steinbock -

  •  Susan Schwalb - Hank Saxe - Adrienne Salinger -Shari Rothfarb - Susan Ressler - Marcia Reifman - Archie Rand - Ron Pokrasso

  • Carl Plansky - Judith Kim Peck - Cynthia Patterson - Devora Neumark - Judy Moore-Kraichnan - Alexander Melamid -

  • Cynthia Madansky - Jane Logemann - Geoff Laurence - Vitaly Komar - Shirley Klinghoffer - Tobi Kahn - Judy Herzl

  • Cary Herz - Sy Gresser - Rachel Giladi - Geraldine Fiskus - Rose-Lynn Fisher - Benny Ferdman - Lilly Fenichel

  •  Frank Ettenberg - Sam Erenberg - Avraham Eilat - Ted Egri - Julie Dermansky - Dorit Cypiso - Madelin Coit - Marilyn Cohen

  • Judy Chicago - Gay Block - Alan Berliner - Arlene Becker - Rudolf Baranik - Saul Balagura - Helen Aylon - Mel Alexenberg.

ISBN 1-890932-25-6, Paper, 50 color plates, 50 black and white photos, 8x10, 96 pages, $24.95,

ART / COLLECTIONS AUGUST 2004 marilyn cohen u ALOHA GOTHIC 1993, Collage, 42" x 30" Marcia Reifman  FAMILY 1999, hand colored, toned silver print, 11" x 14



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