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Jimmy Santiago Baca - Breaking Bread with Darkness

Breaking Bread with the Darkness
Book 1: The Esai Poems
Jimmy Santiago Baca

After 25 years in the system, from an orphanage at age five to a maximum security prison cell at 31, Jimmy Santiago Baca has become one of the most powerful literary
voices in America today


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The Lucia Poems



take wing and fly

The Lucia Poems

Breaking Bread with the Darkness, Book 2
By Jimmy Santiago Baca
Foreword by David Ray
Poems for a daughter who created a father's future. The Lucia Poems is the second of four books in Baca's series, Breaking Bread With The Darkness.

Take Wing and Fly Here

by Priyanka Kumar


In her new novel, author and filmmaker Priyanka Kumar captures both the intense competition and stark beauty of this world of birding

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Sea of Voices 

A Sea of Voices

By Marjorie Agosin

New Perspective on Israel
Through Women's Poetry


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Spirit of Tea

Frank Hadley Murphy 

First discussion of
the Transcendental Nature
of Tea

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